Sunday, December 21

Winter Solstice

I don't normally recognize Winter Solstice but for some reason(s) this year I feel the need to take pause. It's been an emotional month. I tend to find this time of year a little tough anyways but certainly it was compounded this year losing the baby :( Brought up old negative thought patterns and self talk that I at least quickly recognized - just not before they took me to the Bad Lands for a long hard stare at the view.
Trying to concentrate on Christmas and getting a good rest on my upcoming vacation which was thankfully extended. One overnight trip planned for the Gulf Islands and otherwise will get in some  daily beach trips with Ela. So great to be able to walk there from here and god knows the exercise will help in every way.
Great way to get in more sun too which is at a premium right now...
Love this guys post on Facebook -check this out.
Pat Regan, Facebook
"The modern Christian feast day of Christmas originates from the enormous storehouse of our ancient Pagan past. Any concrete date regarding the alleged Jesus Christ's birthday is unrevealed and even the gospels fail to specify the exact time of this mythical figure’s commencement. In fact such was the deception of the Church that the ‘official’ date of Christ's ‘supposed’ birth was only hatched up in AD 273. The early Church, enthusiastic to win converts from the old earth-orientated faiths, saw massive theocratical benefit to be gained by adopting this native midwinter festival. This shrewd spiritual ruse was applied with equal force to ALL our original Pagan feast days.The entire Christian year is surreptitiously grafted onto a much older Pagan agricultural calendar, which links intimately with the solar orb/seasonal cycles. Thousands of years before the Christian sect was first instigated, our Pagan forefathers were celebrating the joyful feast of the Midwinter Solstice. Universally, people honoured the Nativity of the 'Sun God' under his abundant titles and epithets. Midwinter marked the phase when the sun was at its lowest point in the sky. This reality was acknowledged and vitalised by the ancients as the time of 'New birth.' From now onward the days would grow lighter as the solar power of the great ‘Life giver’ amplified."

Tuesday, December 16

Death is Nothing at All

Death is nothing at all. 
I have only slipped away to the next room. 
I am I and you are you. 
Whatever we were to each other, 
That, we still are. 

Call me by my old familiar name. 
Speak to me in the easy way 
which you always used. 
Put no difference into your tone. 
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. 

Laugh as we always laughed 
at the little jokes we enjoyed together. 
Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me. 
Let my name be ever the household word 
that it always was. 
Let it be spoken without effect. 
Without the trace of a shadow on it. 

Life means all that it ever meant. 
It is the same that it ever was. 
There is absolute unbroken continuity. 
Why should I be out of mind 
because I am out of sight? 

I am but waiting for you. 
For an interval. 
Somewhere. Very near. 
Just around the corner. 

All is well. 

Nothing is past; nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before only better, infinitely happier and forever we will all be one together with Christ.

Henry Scott Holland

I will forever feel the loss of you...

Monday, December 15

Watched Babba Wawa (Barbara Walters) tonight on her special broadcast, "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014". I tuned in right when Oprah was being interviewed. Babba asked her, "So any regrets?" Oprah says no, she has none. Babba asks, "Ok, so finish this sentence. Before I leave this earth the one thing I need to do is..." Oprah says "Make peace with my weight".
What's really interesting to me is (and I think was to Babba, too..) here is this phenomenally successful icon that is universally known, worshipped and revered and her last earthly concern is how many pounds her frame is.
The worst part is... I get it.
It comes from this terrible place of shame, when I stare at the feelings and really analyze my attachment to that same issue. I feel shame. I feel that I put my energies into so many other things above and before myself. I have a bazillion excuses for not exercising, not choosing the best food options or eating emotionally. Which I confess I do, absolutely. I bombard myself with food and drink to pacify inner sadness, which adds weight, which adds sadness, which adds weight, which adds sadness and so on.
The other part of the interview that was tough for me to ingest was Oprah's belief that had she chosen to have a family that her career path would have suffered and or her success today would have been unobtainable. I think this is a horrific injustice though, to uphold that glass ceiling that working mothers simply cannot do it all or be it all or that someone will suffer or be compromised if you opt for career success. Why couldn't Stedman have been the caregiver?! Oh, a thousand questions come to mind. Why can we not REDEFINE motherhood and why do we not dare to try. Why do we feel that we must choose one path or the other. Why do we feel that WE have to shoulder both all the responsibilities of parenting and the career if we opt to be the career mother? I am very disappointed to hear that she felt that this was her belief; especially a woman of such incredibly hard won priviledge with probably every conceivable access to help. And again, not that having children is everyone's thing. Certainly some of us are simply just aware that being a mother is just not something we naturally attune to. For me I will readily confess I have to try daily to tune in and summon patience for the simplest of things. But I also knew at the eleventh hour that I wanted to become a mother- suddenly, but thankfully. 
The weight battle I will continue to work on a peaceful resolution. Maybe the new story can be that I walk so that I'm happy, so I walk, become happy, and I walk and become happy...

Saturday, December 13

Course now the follow up to the last post is... I did too much too soon. It was Thursday late afternoon that I was feeling optimistic and thinking I could do more than I could. Yesterday (Friday) and today have been rough. Went to the doctor this morning and although I don't have an escalating fever I have pretty rough pain. Supposed to do "nothing" the next few days so I'll do my best to do that.. not my forte...

Friday, December 12

Took me until a little later in the day to sort of 'get going' and find my energy. But when I did I went with it.
Something about ORGANIZING things, spaces, rooms, putting things in their places and creating order from chaos that gives me great satisfaction.. Our bedrooms were absolute piles of clothes and blankets and toys. Stacks, piles, bins filled with mixes of this and that. Ugh. I did our room first. Got help moving our old 42" six hundred pound television into a better position. Moved all the clothes and stuff into more sensible locations. Took me all said and done almost 2 hours. Then I look at Ela's room and holy hell, how does a two year old create a debris field that big.. Another hour plus in there organizing a mountain of clothes into bins marked "too small" or "too big" and the ones that were "just right" I literally did not have enough drawer space for. Note to self to locate a better dresser on Craigslist that is a low wide one that would serve her needs better.
Once I got it all done though I tell you, I could sit and look around me and feel a greater sense of MENTAL organization. I hate to say that cleaning up is therapy but it is. It definitely helps give you clarity if you live in less clutter and crap. I have 2 filled black garbage bags with charitable donations and the back door has bag after bag of garbage for the curb tomorrow. And we are very very lucky to have clothes for Ela for literally I think the next 18 months of growth. In fact even in the boxes of "too small" are things she never even got to wear because again, she had so so sooo much clothing available since birth. How lucky we are and how thankful.
Organizing toys is another matter. Boy, do I appreciate toys that don't have stupid numerous pieces and things that get lost under furniture or found by vacuums. I think it's so important that have that rule in a small house that when things come IN THE HOME that things then LEAVE THE HOME. Continuous cycle of in and out so that clutter does not grow. I found a family on CL that put out a mayday asking for help for their 3YO daughter needing clothes and things. Certainly we will share our bounty this holiday season and pay forward our things. I do the same with toys and find people on there that can use and purged a good pile in the earlier Fall. Now the toy debris field is at a smaller more organized state although the number of VEHICLES the kid has to ride on or in is insane. A plane, a horse, a jeep, a boat and soon an ATV. Yeeeeeah for one 2 yr old.. I need a parking garage or some way to suspend them from the wall or ceiling so that the trip hazard element is reduced!!!!!
Glad to get back to some sense of normal through this today. Looks good (better, anyways!) and feels so much less frustrating. Amen.

Wednesday, December 10

It's all in the attitude.

Today was the good news bad news day.
Good news bad news was that I got a phonecall from the hospital at noon asking could I come in right away for my surgery. Stammer, stammer, stammer, yes! I quickly showered and threw everyone in the car and was off. Strangely I had a positive experience there. Nurses are amazing people. They deal with it all and yet still retain this insane ability to be... NICE. There are professions I think I could do, like being a cop(!) but a nurse I think would be super hard. They were so supportive and really happy to admit a person in good health. Apparently sick people normally go to the hospital. People that are healthy and otherwise in good form don't normally wander in for surgery. I got praised for having no health issues, non smoker, no family health history, no allergies, not a risky person for surgery. Wow, she says, I wish they all had these answers! How nice to hear =) Before 330pm I was already done and out the door. I felt really sad when I got there and when I talked to the nurses and doctors. But once I was in the operating room they relaxed me and distracted me with small talk and I quickly gave in to the reality of what was at hand. Everyone there agreed it was sad to lose a baby. And it is.
Over the rest of the day sure, I have had my moments. But mostly I feel this movement towards reassurance and peace with it all. I can't change a thing about the results. I simply must accept and move forward. I choose to do that and it's time to really focus on keeping my health optimum. Got a few pounds to lose now and a renewed appreciation for keeping my good health as a primary concern. Will be signing up for the New Year's Day blood donation drive as a kick off to my 2015 health resolutions. Good news is that I can donate again which was going to be off limits for a year from now. Best that I give my type o blood away this holiday season and save a life. Hey. It's only fitting. 

Saturday, December 6


Tough weekend.
Found out that we will never meet you -at least, not under the right circumstances. You are already gone... way too soon. At 10 weeks and 4 days they tell me you just stopped growing. Early next week I apparently have surgery so you can be freed from your little tomb where you are sleeping. Even today as I write this I have no symptoms that anything is wrong. I feel cheated, I feel this need to grasp at straws that someone was wrong, that this is all a mistake. But I know if I choose to allow myself to second guess that I delay the acceptance of this loss- of losing you.
I hope you know you are important and that you matter. I am so very sad that for whatever reason you were unable to complete your journey. Maybe this was your journey? Maybe your message was simply to say a brief hello and give us hope. All I can tell you is that we loved you already. We are so glad you came to us. We're just so sorry to see you go back wherever you came from. Thank you for Being.

Tuesday, November 25

Almost December! A new year is already on the horizon, only weeks away.
I remember when I was a kid, probably about 10 years old, swinging on the swingset at my elementary school looking at the Coast mountain range. I remember that one clear, Fall day looking around my world, taking in my domain of monkey bars and sandy playground, peering over the neighbour's horse pasture as I swung to and fro. Must have been the early 1980s- everyone had sticker collections and traded this glittery one for that puffy one, or E.T. stickers for My Little Pony stickers. Sipping on juice boxes, huddled in little groups against the white stucco school walls, hungrily flipping pages checking out every collection of sticker ever created. I remember that I thought right then about what would the year 2000 be like. How old would I be then? I counted in my little head how old I would be- 29 whole years old, I would be by then. Wow, I would be OLD! What would THAT world be like? What things would the year 2000 have?
Funny, but an oddly sensible thought to have had at that time and one that recurs for me from time to time. I was watching the late news the other night and they celebrated some birthdays for some seniors that had reached 101 years old. That was my moment of reflection- the moment that made me think "what did SHE see in her lifetime?" Think of all the amazing, amazing changes that happened over her lifetime from 1913 to today. Starting life in a place that likely had no telephones. No televisions. No refrigerators? No deep freeze - would they have had a radio!? Good lord! Truly the changes that have happened with technology in 100 years are mind boggling and I think wow, what will my daughter see over her lifetime. What will her hundred years be like? Or mine? Or yours?
If we look not just at the technological advances but the human advances in that time- medically. Socially. Economically. What did WW1 and WW2 change for that 101 year old and what impact will the wars in Iraq, conflicts we have seen with Hussein, with Bin Laden, this fighting with Isis- what will those do to shape our world in future years? Border security, privacy laws, terrorism- these are all very new realities for our generations.
I'm a little behind, admittedly, because I just recently watched the first Hunger Games movie. Someone commented how similar it was to Logan's Run and sure, there are actually several literary references that we could argue have similar futuristic story lines that touch on oppression or restriction, regimented living and dictatorial rule. Stories of dystopia. I watched the HG thinking truly, if my frame of reference was that of someone today from a third world country looking at first world conditions (living in excess, food waste, our entertainment world) we must look like those colorful masses of high fashion people living the high life while the others toil and struggle for day old bread if any food at all. We live at their mercy. We serve for their entertainment. They watch us on TV. Don't we do this? Don't we watch news story after news story of famine, disease and natural disaster and tsk tsk that those people have it so hard? It's an ever changing world. Where is it all headed? What will we see?

Tuesday, October 14

The Power of 10 Minutes

I never blog anymore.
I used to write daily, sometimes multiple times! I love writing, yet time has gotten away from me and new responsibilities have changed my life's landscape.
Today, though, I put the toddler to bed at a reasonable hour and plugged in the laptop. I blew the dust off it and started Connecting to things that I needed to connect to.
Lately I have wanted to email certain people; those that have had a specific impact on my life in times where what they said or did made a real difference in my life. In my Blogger reading list I have a NLP site that I really enjoy and this post suggested that for ten minutes, I use my time to do something meaningful. And so I did.
Funny how, if you just take that quiet time that you are given and put down the smart phone, turn off the tv, sit in the quiet, that you suddenly find (okay, CREATE!) the time you need. We so unnecessarily inundate ourselves with media- all forms of media. Recently I called up my cable company and reduced my available channels to very basic options. I made some lists of "things I would like to finish around the house". I charted out my financial picture over the next 2, 5 and more years with thoughts that detail what I would like to see materialize. Finally I started thinking about the Law of Attraction and how I so rarely take those 10 minutes every day to really develop and connect myself to the things that matter.
And the people that matter.
And the message that matters.

Friday, June 13


Second day in a row, wiiiide awake. Yesterday it was from 4am to 6am and today at 3am all my mind does is rehearse karaoke songs...!? Really? At 4am I need to sing HAPPY by Pharrell Williams in my head!? Wtf. 
Full Moon today and Friday the 13th- maybe this is disturbing me on some level, who knows. Apparently rare to have the annual June Strawberry (Rose) Moon on a Friday the 13th.. Full moons can be hard. Couple times a yr i find myself affected by them, oddly. Apparently this is one.. All things are connected. 

Tuesday, June 10

2 years old

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 2 yrs old. Hard to believe already.
Happy Birthday little Ela...

Friday, April 11


I started taking the anti depressant Venlafaxine (Effexor) in Feb 2013 after having a very unsuccessful 6 weeks on 20mg of Citalopram. My initial response to 37.5mg was positive. A few wks later I increased to 75mg and eventually graduated to a 150mg dose. I maintained this until mid January 2014 when I saw my Dr and asked her help to wean off the drugs. We agreed on a 6 week slow weaning. I started week one on 112.5mg a day. I felt an incredible feeling of "medicine head" sort of like I had taken a really strong pill for muscle pain. I couldn't quite explain the feeling other than a very thick mental fog. Cotton head. Often I had vertigo dizziness and was unstable on my feet, combined with this weird fog. I had what I would call brain zaps where a buzzing feeling of alarm would randomly generate in my head. A shock feeling. Jarring. And very random. 
Ten days in, I reduced again to 75mg but found the vertigo and brain zaps to be way too unmanageable. I would alternate days of 112.5mg then 75mg until I could stand a few days in a row of 75mg. 
The third week of withdrawal- roughly Feb 15 or so- was certainly THE WORST. The irritability was insane. Irate. Outbursts. All coupled with the previously mentioned symptoms of foggy head, brain zaps and vertigo. Worst week ever. 
I fumbled on. 
Late Feb I was down to alternating 75mg and 37.5mg and finally by mid March was alternating 37.5 and zero every other day. Although the irritability somewhat subsided the fog and zaps persisted. Finally by March 20 I was on my own & revisited my Dr. to report my progress. Although at zero mg a day I still had occasional dizzy moments and cotton head, but much less often than when taking my lowest dose.
As of just this past 10 days I can say the medicine head no longer exists. My more recent issues have been concentration & focus which are a real problem regaining. I have had emotional fluctuations but am working through them. I am able to swallow the lump in my throat when the overwhelming waves of sadness come. I redirect myself when I feel the anger. But my memory, my concentration... SQUIRREL! 
I know in time I can overcome this, I just am not sure how to help myself recover here at this point. 

Tuesday, April 1

A New Year

Important day for me so I will [finally] write a blog post!
It's a new year for me. My birthday. I feel the need to look back at the last year I had, and forward to this upcoming year of my life!
One year ago I was ... for lack of a better word, ILL. Between December 2012 to oh, April May 2013 I was knee deep in the hardest months of my year(+?) long partum depression. Although January 2013 was without doubt THE hardest month of the experience I can look back now and clearly see that I was at the "fully recovered" point only recently.
It was a long & often very uncomfortable journey. I lost part of my Self to it and am still putting it all back together. I still very much lack the confidence and self assurance I once had. I feel like a humbled "After" version of the me that existed "Before". Don't quite know how to summon Strength yet but I just keep moving forward despite the errors and fumbles that I continue to make. Maybe this is Strength. Today at least I can talk about making a mistake and not fall apart emotionally or use harsh self depricating words like "failure". To others I am sure this is not very remarkable, but for me- after struggling for so long with this stuff- it's a huge personal success to get to this point. No anti depressants helping me, nothing but ME and my own personal power in charge. This is really new and powerful stuff for me to say hey, I'm handling Life on my own right now. I'm screwing up but I'm not freaking out [too badly!!] I'm not perfect - I am a little verbally misdirected, a little high strung at times, a little irritable (post Venlafaxine, this is apparently normal). But I'm back to myself which continues to be a work in progress. 
So, looking FORWARD to my new birth year there is so much ahead. So much GOOD. Trying to enlarge our family (nature willing? We'll see...), working on improving our home, working on our relationship. It's ALL about improving for me over this next year. My new mantra... IMPROVE and forward I will move. 
Amen :)

Friday, January 10

Happy New Year

Wow, really?? 2014?
I remember as a kid, swinging away on the swings on the playground, LAUGHING at the idea of the year 2000. Where would I be at age 30? Let alone at 40. I remember that I thought at age 30 I would have 2 kids and a house. Important things to a girl child: have kuds and a home :)
Can't believe it's 2014.
Started the year with some vacation. Spent time with baby, Nana & Grandad then cousins, Auntie & Uncle. Home again where baby & me blossomed a great head cold. 
Today though, a whirlwind of sudden activity. Got our [FREE!] dishwasher installed [AND IT WORKS!!!] got rid of all our popcans & recycling... donated big bags of hand me downs... Organized the pantry... the house is "mostly" filled with things in their places. Where they belong. 
Spring cleaning has begun.
Now... if I can just get rid of this cold...

Wednesday, January 1

Happy New Year!!

All the best to all of us in 2014!!

Thursday, December 26

The New Year Approaches

My mind wanders towards resolutions...
I just uploaded a ton of Ela videos to my youtube account finally, something I have intended to do for months. I also wrote 3 pages in her baby journal tonite after not writing in there since August. 
Recently I find myself wanting more "order"- more structure, things where they belong, clear plans, clear direction, less confusion. When I lack this either at home or work I feel easily distracted. Like I go in too many directions at once. Here are some things I feel I would like to consider:
I would like to begin anew and really consider "scheduling" myself. Making a livable time table to make best use of my time every day. 
Earlier to bed. Earlier up. 
List my tasks. Finish them in a timely manner before starting a new one.
Read library books each month. Take 2 out & read them fully. 
Every payday go to the beauty school for a $20 facial. Just because. For me.
Make my health a PRIORITY.
Make creativity a priority.
That's pretty well it. I'll make a vision board to "cement" these, as I find that helps affirm my ideas. All are doable. 

Saturday, December 21

How do we all manage to survive toddlerhood!? 
Such a curious time. 
This is how Ela views life at 18months old & the rules she lives by.
Taste & eat everything. 
Dirt is yummy. 
Laundry soap smells good on my hair.
Books are for ripping apart, not reading.
Cat litter is my sandbox.
Tablecloths belong on the floor. 
Everything should be thrown.
Faces should be slapped or poked.
What I eat today I will hate tomorrow.
My rubber ducky belongs in the toilet. 
I am allergic to bedtime and learning to master the art of going boneless & temper tantrums.
I love helping mommy & daddy find the scissors they left out.
Mommys purse contents are awesome.
My kisses & smiles make mommy and daddy happy and powerless to stay mad.
I love everyone & everything; my only real purpose is to share my love and make people smile.

Monday, December 16

Self Induced Sadness & an upcoming full moon

I'm guessing it's all related in the cosmos.
Everyone around me (ok, and me?!) is really experiencing or really recognizing that they are in a state of self-induced sadness. Shit is happening and everyone seems to be knee jerking and saying WTF! This sucks and I did it to myself! Mother Tucker!
Started this morning with a theme of Self-Importance and continued in the afternoon with a few more raw emotions I found Here and There. It made a tough day because I really like Here and There is such a great person too. But they're both really angry about Life's Injustices- rightly so- yet we are all fairly powerless against Them.
Sometimes you make lemonade and sometimes you suck on a lemon. It jess aint fare.
Anyhoo, one glorious ray of light today arrived in my home mailbox. Three beautiful handwritten notes- two by my very brilliant and caring nephews. One by a very articulate and thoughtful six year old and another by his almost-nine yr old brother. They wrote:
Dear Ela. I know you are small. And you cant speak or understand you. But I love you. And you are smart. Love Milan.
 Dear Ela. what do you want for Xmas? I want a Ipod touch. How are you doing? I am felling great. You are growing so much. Love Mischa.
It's pretty hard to feel any sadness when you read these and hold these had written letters in your hands and realize the thought and effort taken by these great little heroes.  And so much love and thanks to their incredibly thoughtful Mom who also took the time to write. You can't give a better present to anyone than this simple act.
You guys are beautiful.

Saturday, November 30

My Great Finds of the Day

Friday, November 29

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.

Friday, November 22

Recycling, Reinventing

For some odd reason this year I have apparently channeled my OCD-ness into cleaning and keeping every baby diaper box, every baby food jar, every salsa jar- actually each and every container that has a lid and is remotely reusable. I have got about 4 diaper boxes filled with these such containers now. 'Course now I think WTH am I going to do with all these!? Originally I made spice jars out of the baby food containers, painting all the lids a dark mushroom color and writing neatly on the lids the name of the spice inside. I used my coolest most vintage mason jars for things like coffee and coffee whitener. I figured a bunch of jars would surely be useful in the workshop for nails, screws, bolts, etc. but the jars haven't quite made it out there, nor is my other half nearly as motivated as me to do tedious little organizational tasks like these. I'm toying with posting them on Craigslist for free but before I do, I just *have to* check online to see what ideas there are out there for reusing jars and containers.
Thrifty Fun suggests a lot of great ideas like affirmation jars or thankfulness jars, job jars, jewelry or bathroom organizing. I kind of like the gift-giving idea where you layer your ingredients for homemade cocoa in the jar, top with marshmallows and seal it with a funky cork or washcloth topper and raffia twine. Or same idea but inserting dry bean or pea soup mixes with recipe card.
I've also washed, dried and spray-painted tin cans, using them for planters and seedlings as well as for nesting containers for Ela to learn and play with. She stacks them and puts them inside each other- cheapest toy ever =) They look fabulous spray painted. I used glossy red, teal, lime green and yellow.
I've been really cheaply painting my kitchen using Home Depot's mistints. They almost always have little $1 oops containers in various colors. I've been collecting them all summer. I have all sorts of blues, pinks, oranges, etc. but I have had them retint their mistints (free!) to browns which are almost always useful and neutral. Anyways for about $5 I painted all my base cabinets in my kitchen by mixing my mistints into a cool brown mahogany purply color. I quite like it. It at least cleans it up from the mess that it was before!
Anyhoo if you know other ideas for recycling pls let me know. I'm exploring ideas!

Tuesday, November 19

In Other News...

1. Chris Hadfield for PM
2. Rob Ford, get help!!! How sad, How public, How embarrassing for TO
3. Molars coming in for 18 month olds is a terrible experience :( that affects the whole family. 

Wednesday, November 13

Dealing with a lot of stress from every direction recently. On & off throughout the day I completed 10 loads of laundry, stripped & bleached clean the bed sheets and pillow cases, aired bedding on the porch railing outside, rigorously vacuumed every crevace & carpet. Toys in their bins. Clothes hung by color in the closet. Pulled some out for donation that no longer fit or function. I should be tired but I feel like I can't stop or certainly cannot relax. Agitated. Scanning for other things "that need to be done" or "should be finished". 
I'm going to keep cleaning, organizing & putting "life in order.

Here are 6 cleaning tasks and their emotional/intellectual/spiritual rewards:

Washing the dishes helps you to wash away the grief. Circular motions correspond to the circle of life.
Vacuuming gets rid of the dust and the cobwebs, the regrets which cling and keep you stuck, as you inhale stale air and allergens. Vacuuming helps you to move forward and breathe a purer air, a more authentic version of yourself.
* Cleaning the windows lets in the light when you feel sad, unable to step outside. Afterwards, you can sit or stand by the window, relax and watch others. Moreover, when you open a window, you get ready to step outside and join the good energy – first you rehearse it in your mind and then you do it.
* Cleaning the bathroom helps you to get the crap out of your life or neutralize what pisses you off.  You need to move toxins out of your body and your mind.
Mopping the floor keeps you in the moment, an opportunity not to think about your worries; otherwise, if you are not fully present to what you are doing, you can slip and slide and fall back into an old issue.
* Overall, housecleaning is great exercise to be envied by gym goers. And exercise efficiently alleviates anxiety and moves stress hormones out of the body.

The next time you clean your space, create a specific intention, a stress-reducing mental component corresponding to the physical act. For example, when you are clearing out spoiled fruit in your refrigerator to make room for fresh, new fruit consider if there might be some spoiled, toxic relationship you need to throw away? Or when you are dusting, polishing your furniture to a brilliant shine, consider what might be holding you back from shining?

Tuesday, November 12

But... More importantly- it's not my problem. 

Saturday, November 9

Constantly Choosing

I have had a bazillion discussions (ahem) with my spouse about how we CHOOSE how we feel. I have tried my best to explain that everyone CHOOSES to get angry, sad, anxious or whatever.
Nobody MAKES me mad-  I choose to react in an angry way when someone says something that hits a nerve. But I could also choose to ignore it.
Nobody makes me sad- I choose to accept an insult when one is aimed at me. Or, I choose NOT to accept it because it is only ME that is insulted if I choose that accept those words.
I have learned this year that semantics are everything.
They are everything.
If you say "You're bad" when you mean "Your behavior is bad" these are entirely different statements. Is the person bad? Or is what they are DOING bad? Important differentiation.
"I hate you".
"I hate what you are doing".
See what I mean? Totally different.
"You piss me off". (also "You make me angry")
"What you are doing pisses me off".
Actually, you chose to react in either situation. You chose your feelings.
You choose.
Know you have power.
Power in your words, power on your CHOOSING how to react.
Use your power. Use your choice.

Friday, November 8

If I Were A Boy


My all time two favorite bra burner videos OF. ALL. TIME.

Ok and this video's another all time fave just because I love the dance off.

But seriously. I post them because recently I received my Oxfam newsletter where they ask you 'Hey, Can you give money to people in other countries that don't have what you have?' Of course you can. I don't care what situation you are in. We have a lot where we are. I can go without something for you in a third world country. I can. I can cut back more. I can. I can share what I have with you.

I can tell you clearly- definitely- that I have been keenly curious about women's rights since birth. It's no lie. I have questioned why my mom was at home. Why my Nana was nicknamed PET by her husband. Why my Nana was pulled from school in her teens to care for her mother who fell down the stairs. Why my Mom read me books that were about female heroines- about women who rose to the occasion all the time. In my 20s she gave me a book called LEGENDS about various women through history who changed world events. I also purchased books by Emily Murphy. I get it. I have seen what has transpired for my Nana, my Mom and what is in front of me and my daughter.

What if I had been born in... Ethiopia in 1973? Or Iran? Anywhere else? Why I came through into this world where I did was shit luck. Nobody gets to choose their existence or experience in this life. It is not their choosing or fault that they face the challenges they do.

And is it strange for us to realize that girls in other areas of the world have it worse? Certainly they do. We sponsor a girl in the Philippines. She is six. Her name is Christine. I hope she is okay in light of the recent storms and I will write and ask her. I'm going to send her a necklace in the mail for Xmas. I want her to know that someone somewhere far, far away is thinking about her.

So- do yourself a favor. Consider other people's experiences. Other childhoods. People who are immigrants. Know that they have different references than we do. Different commitments or priorities. And regardless- one woman to another- we need to support each other.

Thursday, October 31


20 things you can do !!!

Gratitude photo

Remind yourself everyday of the people and relationships for which you’re thankful. Whatever method you use, be grateful for what you have.

1. Love the one you're with.

2. Give thanks daily.

3. Listen instead of talking

4. Volunteer your time.

5. Give a larger tip than usual.

6. Look people in the eye.

7. Smile and mean it. 

8. Resist the urge to talk about people

9. Be patient.

10. Give thoughtful gifts.

Flowers for mom photo

11. Surprise the one you love.

12. Send a thank you note.

13. Give a good hug.

14. Pay a sincere compliment.

15. Acknowledge the negative parts of your life.

16. Give your dog an extra long walk.

17. Call a friend that needs to talk.

18. Donate more than you’re comfortable donating.

19. Learn to love yourself.

20. Resist the urge to judge.  

Sunday, October 27


I probably couldn't keep count of the times in the day when I use these words: should, would, could. I should have done this. I could have done that. I would do this, but I can't or won't.
But do you ever think about the POWER of those words?
What does it mean to say that "YOU SHOULD"? What is the power behind that phrase? It wasn't until I went through therapy this year that I was asked to look at that. It's something I said to myself constantly. "SHOULD" is the s-word. Should says that you are expected to do or be something that you are not. Should says that you aren't doing it currently, but geez you are supposed to be! Boy, you really aren't at your best, are you? You SHOULD be more. You SHOULD be better. Yikes! Behind the word should is often a belief or decision that you may want to question. When you say this S-word, ask yourself what you felt you SHOULD be and why did you think that?! Who says!? Who told you that you SHOULD?
Let's look at when we say it. Sometimes [if it's a task that you were given] you'll catch yourself saying damn! I should get that done! Really you're saying shit, I forgot about that! It's on my list! I better get to it before I forget. It's still a demand on yourself. It's still an expectation and something you're supposed to do although perhaps a legitimately time sensitive issue. Should is a future task that asks us to do something soon or in our future.
It's when we use should towards ourselves that we need to examine what we inwardly said, thought or felt that it can be questionable.
If we look at Should's cousins- WOULDA COULDA- we're travelling on a similar path. Woulda is the power-less version of Shoulda. Shoulda feels bad because he couldn't do it or feels he NEEDS to. He woulda but he just isn't able. It's not possible, he just isn't capable. I wistfully wish that I could be or do enough to have done it, or been able to achieve it, but I just wasn't capable or didn't think of it. It's always a past issue. I would have done X but I did Z. If only I'd had XYZ then I could have done ABC. It's a sense of lack. A sense of regret.
How about "Could"?
I could have this if I just... I could be this if I just... I could do this if I just... This could be great if... This could be terrible if... It could have been better. It could have been worse. Could is that silly space where we consider the possibilities that didn't occur, or that may occur if we consider them.
My therapist asked me to pay close attention to how I use my words. I'm famous for self-deprecating language and saying things to myself or at myself that can totally undermine my own personal efforts. Someone will ask me how my day is and I will answer "ask me later!".. like I haven't decided how it is yet! Or I'll tell myself that I should be finding more time, or that I would have more if I just did this, or that if I could just settle for less-or if I could have more- that I would be happier.
Semantics are everything.
You better believe it!

Saturday, October 26

When IS the right time!?

Talking to someone the other day about when "the right time" is to have kids, it made me think about my own thought process about this over the years.
In my twenties I had decided quite vehemently that I would NOT have kids. I felt that too many people did it for the 'wrong reasons' or did not put enough thought into it. I felt the world was over-populated. I felt that I should have the RIGHT to not have children. More than anything I really wanted to make a decision that was... somehow not expected, not "normal", not 'what everyone else does'. I had gotten married at 23 and within months everyone was asking "so when are you having kids'. Of course this pissed me off. Was I expected to do so? Is that what women are SUPPOSED to do, is get married and make babies?! What frickin year was this, what an archaic stupid question!!! Being asked all the time only made me more and more irritated about what was expected of newlyweds and I said HELL NO WE ARE NOT HAVING KIDS! Meanwhile my sister and brother went ahead and had children and watching my sister's belly grow I thought omg I am DEFINITELY not doing that! It looks terrifying! How the hell can your body get so large and pass a baby through your ... oh lord, I didn't even want to think about how much that would hurt. Why would I want to do this? I was terrified of the whole process. Again, cemented my convictions NOT to have kids.
Into my mid and late thirties my relationship began dissolving (for other reasons) and I began concentrating on my career. By 36 I was divorced, moved into a new relationship, moved into my career (leaned into my career) but I began thinking about whether I was all that committed to my previous beliefs about not having children?
In my new workplace I was surrounded by other women who were within my age range (36-40) who were suddenly pregnant AND in management. I quickly realized hey, maybe I *CAN* do both? Maybe it's not a choice between having a career and a family(?) One of the women had a stay at home husband and the other was a SINGLE woman who found herself pregnant but had her mother's support. My spouse was a part time worker who would prefer to be home, and so I found myself thinking about whether starting a family could be a possibility in the near future? Maybe I should think about whether we wanted a baby? Or was it too late? Or was the "right time" finally coming? I had other considerations as well, like my spouse was an only child and both parents were passed. It left only him. I thought maybe I was being selfish deciding not to have children- what if he wanted one? What if he *needed* a family and a sense of belonging?
By age 38 -in the Spring- I had been transferred back to my home province within a few hours drive of both my parents and my sister. By late Fall in October I found out I was pregnant. I spent my pregnancy affirming that my body was made for birthing and certainly if my other friends were able to do this, then certainly I could. I said to myself regularly that I was in the right place at the right time and this was going to turn out great.
It absolutely is a huge decision that involves a lot of humming and hawing. People say having them early means by the time they graduate then YOU have time for yourself earlier. But my argument was that then you lose your 20s and 30s to child rearing, don't have your career established yet, probably have a little more financial stress buying a home, getting everything going in your life. Then others say having them later in life when you DO have your career established, are well into a mortgage etc, that you are "too well rooted' in your personal routines and lack energy to chase after a baby. Personally I feel like things worked out for the best and that waiting until my later years was actually perfect ...for me. I didn't feel that my "routine" was altered. In fact in retrospect I think wow, what the hell was I wasting my time on before this!? Suddenly I find hours available in my day to play with my busy toddler daughter, grocery shop, work & commute 11 hrs a day and somehow find a few minutes for me and my spouse. 
So is there a right time? Are you ever 'prepared'? I don't think you are, or that there is a perfect time, but having said that- ANY time is the right time and you will find that when you do have your child (if you choose to do so) that you suddenly were prepared and you always were.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Since as early as I can remember I have been very aware of gender roles.
When I was really young and beginning to read my mom would read us her favorite books from childhood, which were cloth-bound and written in the 1910-teens. The books were series about girls, written FOR girls of that time period. They were her mom's books from her childhood, and so I found them exceptionally intriguing. The books were usually about a heroine who got into various predicaments and with the help of her skillful friends, she would overcome them or solve the mystery. (I'm sure you instantly think Nancy Drew but this was a generation before she came out) No, these were about a young girl sent away to camp, or an orphan girl sent to live with a relative, or some similar type story to Sarah Crew. At any rate it was not until my adult years that I realized that these girls in 1910-ish were extremely progressive for their time. Some had paying jobs, or some form of independence and certainly a rebellious streak that often resulted in trouble. If we look back at this time period the Suffragette movement itself was only beginning and for women to have any such rights like employment or independence were certainly questionable at best. One of our heroines was even an actress who had "love making scenes" (gasp! involving KISSES with a male actor!) What a harlot!
Anyhoo, I'm glad my mom read us these. It made me see that a not-so-distant history had a very different lifestyle for girls than the one that I was afforded in the 1980s when I was growing up and reading these. It made me notice that my Nana was called "Pet" as a nickname from her husband which I thought that was pretty weird and a little derogatory, although my mom when questioned said it was an affectionate name. I just hadn't ever HER call my dad that and couldn't help but note that it wasn't shared female to male(?) Nana never called her husband anything other than "Dear"...
Recently I read LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg. I found about a bazillion things in her book that made sense to me,or that I related to. Her Nana was called "Girlie" so not too far off from "Pet". She noted that women lean BACK when contemplating career paths, as though we have to choose between being a mother and continuing a career. In fact when I was dealing with my post partum I read a book called "I didn't know it would be like this" which also discussed the gender roles and how women face impossible odds quantifying their decisions to either lean back or lean in to their careers or families, or try to balance both. The simple truth is regardless of which you do, you are screwed. Selfish if you continue a career, and lazy or inept if you choose to stay home or work part time.
Being a new mom to a girl I have definitely noticed my feelings about women's rights, or equality, about the world she is going to grow up in. I've seen young girls in the news commit suicide over bullying and being blackmailed by their peer boys to email or message compromising photos of themselves. I think -what can I do as her guardian to guide her through all this?
Last week my mom said enthusiastically that she wanted to buy her a toy oven for xmas. I kind of groaned and said yno, I would prefer a less stereotypical toy, maybe something less gender oriented? I pointed out a cute ride on Jeep (although pink...) for her instead. Mom said "or maybe I should get her a hammer and nails?" Good lord let's swing the other way completely? Sure or how about you get her a toy chainsaw and a red and black checkered jacket!? Wth. How about neutral, like a counting book or alphabet learning something?!
Just released in the news is this report GENDER EQUALITY INDEX where Canada ranks #20 in the world for equality. The States is behind us as #23, the best are Finland and its neighbours, and the worst are Chad, Pakistan and others at the bottom. I'm not entirely shocked but I am thrilled to see the report point out that it is the MATERNITY leave support that makes the difference between the BEST countries and North America. Specifically the policies in place are
  • mandatory paternal leave in combination with maternity leave
  • generous parental leave benefits provided through a combination of social insurance
  • funds and employers,
  • post-maternity re-entry programmes
  • My personal "beef" is this exactly since I really believe that women in general feel they need to choose their families over their careers, and why we don't have more trying to move ahead. What if they had support to re-enter from maternity leave? What if they had their spouse helping them during that time?
    Although I'm lucky to have 16 weeks paid from my employer for mat leave I confess I felt this was quite inadequate. Had I been a nurse, teacher, police officer, or even a Van City (bank) employee I would have received much more supportive maternity leave benefits for a much longer term. To boot there is no easy integration back into the workforce, you simplyt return to your regular pace, regular job immediately with the expectation that you have then retained your "prior self" somewhere to pull out on demand. (As if !!!!) But you know, had I had the option I would have loved to come back in a graduated basis EARLY to keep my head in the business, give me a much needed break from my changing home-life and effectively create a balance as I returned over time to normal hours and duties. How life changing would this have been for me.
    It's not my employer's fault that we do not have these tools in place. This is society-wide. Certainly it's far worse for my female counterparts in the USA who have virtually no PAID maternity leave benefits in their social net although they are generously allowed a full 12 weeks UNPAID to gather themselves back up. Thanks, Uncle Sam!
    For all the advancements we have made there are still so many to overcome that we will certainly not see in our lifetime. I can only journal my experiences for my daughter to reflect on in her baby book where I write everything that I feel will serve her at some future point.
    Speaking of society wide- just LOOK at the commercials we see for toys and products for young girls. OMFG. It makes me cringe. How about a BOY getting a stove for Xmas? I mean, he has loads of MALE CHEFS to point at to say hey; it's cool to be a cook. But will we ever see commercials of a boy cooking at a toy stove!? RIIIIIGHT!? Girls commercials are all about looking pretty, or household chores, etc. Hell even commercials for women MY AGE suck badly, and I point to the Cascade Kitchen Counsellor ones here!!! Two sisters fighting over their clean house or dishwasher as though this is what establishes our WORTH is how effing clean our homes or dishes are?! WTF is that?! Even the counselor is female, because it's women who talk about feelings, right. For the love of the small children.
    Guys commercials- AXE deoderants and body sprays. Sexual attraction ads. Or the KFC commercials where Husband goes in and accuses KFC employee of hitting on his wife through their deals on food. Like he owns his wife and is asserting his territorial rights over her or something. Yeah, it's everywhere.
    Watch for it, note it, think about it.
    Then question it.

    Tuesday, August 6

    My Year In Print..

    It's been quite a year. I spent much of 2013 trying to dig my way out from under post partum depression. Much of the Spring was spent under a dark wet blanket of sadness. I am so glad that I completed the mental health program called Bounceback and received CBT from a great psychiatrist & psychologist. I am still seeing them & continue to do "self work" reading etc. 
    Being back at work has been empowering. I have felt like "I can do this" more so than feeling "I am solely responsible for providing for my family & feel incredibly overwhelmed by that responsibility". And I felt so vulnerable- I told myself that "I am a walking disaster making constant huge life altering mistakes". Pretty low. Look at that self defeating language. The heaviness of what I was telling myself- and eagerly believing- was sinking me like a rock in a pond. 
    Today I have a much better tape in my mind. I feel capable. I have all the things in my life that I need. A house, car, a great job, my health, a supportive partner & a great thriving toddler daughter. I don't care if things I own are not "new" or "the latest"- I'm just humbled to even have them at all. I have discovered that I am even more resourceful & thrifty than before. I learned better habits so I could release fifty some odd pounds. All those things "that went wrong" in my life (that felt so important as they happened) are done and the worst is truly behind me. 
    I know emphatically that I've done absolutely everything in my power to overcome ... everything. 
    And that's all anyone can do.

    Tuesday, December 25

    Merry Christmas

    MerryXmas to all !!!
    Best wishes to everyone this holiday season..!

    Thursday, November 29

    Six month growth spurt

    Joy! No more sleep! Thank god, for a few weeks there I almost felt rested! That was terrible!
    Yes- we are hitting that feverish "I cannot eat enough and am wide awake without naps" six month point. Yaaaaay!!! Lol :) Actually it's pretty stunning how noticable this one is. We changed her diaper together & looked at each other saying "wow, look at how thick she's gotten... suddenly...!"
    Pretty amazing. She goes for her next shots in 2wks so we will find out her weight then. I'm going to wager 15 pounds maybe. Let's see if I am right!!

    Wednesday, November 14

    TV Zombie

    In a few weeks I am back to work.
    I am glad to go back because truly, I am turning into a fat lump of a tv zombie. What a time waster TV is, and yet it's so hard not to get sucked into some shows! Right now I'm completely sucked into The Walking Dead (which even when I was at work I was watching online after it aired, and will continue to do so), of course Sons of Anarchy (which I never did watch on TV since it didn't air in Canada at first so we have always watched online), pretty well any show on SLICE (Til Debt Do Us Part, Princess, The Mistress, Intervention...) It's ridiculous the amount of television I am watching daily. Stupid. I have even considered cancelling cable to force myself to find more constructive use of time. I may still do this. I didn't have cable for about a year and a half in Manitoba and I really didn't miss it.
    I have also started a daily habit of writing 5 things to be grateful for and doing a daily mental exercise of acceptance. I have to laugh because that's the only exercise I've been getting LOL but hey- one thing at a time =)
    Can you believe it? Only a matter of weeks until Xmas and The New Year 2013! Where the heck do the months and YEARS go...? It's so weird how fast time flies - I remember in school I would think wow, is this everrrrr going to be over? Am I everrrrr going to be an adult!? I can't waaaaait to be older. Too funny! (Actually I kept all my diaries from high school too- I never did keep one consistently when I was under the age of 12 but once I hit high school I POURED myself into diaries. I thought, if I ever have a daughter, I am totally going to read them with her)
    And now- here we are =)
    I'm also keeping a diary right now in which I am writing "to my daughter" about her, about what things I want her to know, about what things I want her to know are IMPORTANT. I wrote last month, for instance, about how it doesn't matter what other people think. You have to know in your heart that you are ok how you are. If people have crappy things to say about you or to you, then bless them and wish them well. Send them some love and send them on their way. I suppose with the whole focus on bullying I realize the world she is growing up in is different than the one I did. But, the values remain the same, the lessons are the same although probably delivered differently.
    Last week it was John's grandma's 91st birthday. Ninety one! Can you imagine what things were "modern" in her prime? Do you think if you told her, when she was a kid, that when she was 91 yrs old she would be FACE TIMING with an iPHONE to her great grand daughter? Can you think about what might be around when WE are 91? Can you even imagine what may be possible? Will we teleport to each other!? Will there be no screens for computers, just "floating images" like Princess Leila's message about Obe Wan Kinobe in Star Wars?! No televisions, just projection systems that are the size of an iPhone?
    I am hoping to start a New Years trend with my little family. I would like to make a paper mache time capsule -say, out of a xmas wrapping paper tube- in which we will put a current year-end news paper clipping about the top stories of that year. Add in photos of us, each of us will write a list of things we think will be happening or technology that will come out in 20 yrs. We will write on the time capsule : open in (ie) 2023 (10 years away from when you made it) And we'll make one every year as we go, keep them in with our Xmas decorations, seal them up really good, TOTALLY forget what we wrote and - when our little girl is grown up- we will LAUGH hysterically when we open them 10 yrs in the future. Won't that be fun!

    Sunday, October 28

    Walking Dead- new episode! Walk With Me....

    Suuuuch an interesting show. I love that they explore the demise of society, the very very basic human needs, the rise and fall of community and society, communism and dictatorship, trust and betrayal. Today was exceptionally well written in that it compared two leaders: Rick and The [new]Governor.

    Questions that I have now? Oh so many...

    -what's in that tea?! I have a feeling this is going to be extremely important.

    -was it really necessary for The Governor to kill the military guys? Would they not have served a greater purpose behind the walls of Woodbury protecting it from walkers? They still would have gotten all their ammo and vehicles, their gas, their equipment... plus they would have gotten critically trained personnel to aid them in protecting their city(?) I understand The Governor's modas operandi is to go out beyond The Walls and salvage everything he can (with his few trusted minions) for the good of the chosen few behind The Walls. But I will need to watch this more in upcoming episodes to understand his decision making(?)

    -was it really necessary for Rick to let that one prisoner run into the prison courtyard and get eaten by other walkers? I can see not trusting that one prisoner dude he killed(?) who obviously had some seriously lethal tendencies. But the other guys? Were they all immediately not trustworthy?? I don't know who, in this new broken diseased world, IS trustworthy and who is not. But is there no strength in numbers? Should those that are The Survivors not all band together for better odds at survival? Or is that an impossible dream? Or was it that they were deemed not trustworthy being prisoners/ incarcerated in the first place...?

    -how are they powering this whole city? Even if they had generators the amount of gas they would consume would be epic. Do they have a water dam or something!?

    -where did these military guys come from? Are there more?! That chopper takes a specific type of fuel, and a lot of it in order to fly distances, so this makes me wonder its source...

    -who were those armless, jawless walkers that Michonne kept with her? Brothers? Husband? Kid? I didn't catch this information if it was given this episode...

    Wednesday, October 17

    Organize, organize, organize!!

    Ever find that when you CLEAN and ORGANIZE things in the house that you just realized were bothering you, that in doing so you somehow untangle your head?!
    Yesterday I got one piece of my puzzle started. I picked up a $13 piece of 8 foot melamine shelving and took it home. I figured if I was right in my guesstimation, if I stuck it on top of a couple little dressers I had that I could create a makeshift desk system. I didn't pre-measure, I didn't double check, I just thought hey, if 8 feet is too long I'll just cut it to fit.
    As luck would have it, 8 feet was EXACTLY the length I needed.
    I put the "desk" together today. I have my laptop plugged in, my printer set up, various documents and papers temporarily stuffed in various drawers. My future task is to methodically sort and file everything and edit what I *need* to keep and what I can burn in the paper garbage.
    Now that I created one new functional space, I realize I have two other project areas I could easily fix with the same material: my daughter's closet space and our closet. BOTH are packed with STUFF. Blankets, sheets, shoes, dishes (don't ask), wrapping paper, empty boxes for gift wrapping, clothes that are too big for her, ohhhh the list goes on and on. Some of it I can very likely send to a thrift store; there's just waaay too much of it (especially receiving blankets... holymother..). Some of it I can box up. And some of it needs to be put on shelves. In her closet if I redesign the whole space and put in three long one foot deep shelves I can really make effective use of it.
    Project Three: We also have an excellent collection of vintage cameras from the 1940s up. I would hate to sell these; they're so very cool. They sorely need a display cabinet of some kind. Sitting in a bucket in the closet is doing them zero justice. I have the cabinet, I just need to put them in there.
    I just need to "put my house in order". And I will.

    Tuesday, October 16

    /unplug me

    I'm probably (definitely?!) in the minority when I say "I do not want to be connected to everyone". By this I mean... by Facebook, by Twitter, by iPad, by iPhone, by Gmail, shared calendars, shared this, shared that. For the love of Jesus, how much MORE connected can or will society get?! (Or should I say "disconnected"??)
    I was just setting up a new Outlook email account recently and it gives you a million options like "sharing your calendars between all your devices"... I was like whaaaa...?? Sooo if I'm out and about in a meeting with my iPhone I can potentially "post" to my iPhone calendar that I have XYZ meeting and then it gets "shared & posted" on my MSN hotmail/ live account also for whomever I choose to see this??! Yerrr... is this, like, necessary, this inter-device cross-sharing stuff!? HUH!?
    I'm perhaps sounding a little hypocritical since here I am publicly blogging, but truly I could make this blog private and I'd still write the same stuff. I really don't care either which way whether it's read or not, whether it's public or not, whether I "reach someone" or not. I am not here looking for commentary, for replies or for validation. I can just as easily text, email or phone anyone I wanted to contact to tell them whatever it is I'm writing about. I just don't quite get the whooooole "share our whole lives" on Facebook and Twitter thing. Posting our kids most recent recital pictures.. or blurting out what you just did on Twitter.... Maybe I'm too detached or cynical, but do that many people really care what you just said or did or posted? And even if they do, what the hell...!? Ugh, I just reeeeally don't get it. Where do people get the time to do this anyways? Are you supposed to glue yourself to your iPhone or iPad and constantly read everyone's updates? That's a full time JOB, if you do that...
    I dunno.
    I just read somes guy's rant on Forbes that said people who were not connected or did not use social media are going to be, at some point, considered outcasts(?!) or regarded as sociopaths. Nice =P I suppose in one respect I am "missing" (not just the POINT but...) the usefulness of FB and Twitter in being able to (ie) connect to a movement, or join a cause, or meet likeminded people to discuss a topic. I just figured that's what online forums are for(?)
    Anyhoo. I just don't get it. I'm ok with being an outcast =P

    avandia recall